UnGrained + Felix

Corporate Breakfast Package

Ever dreamed of walking into work to the smell of freshly brewing coffee and a handcrafted breakfast? Yeah, us too. That's why we've teamed up with Felix Coffee Co. to bring you an onsite breakfast experience that'll have you literally jumping out of bed.  Each Corporate Breakfast is unique, offering an array of fresh fruit, baked goods, artisan infused waters, and, of course, a fully staffed coffee slow bar to give you the fuel you need to crush your work day.  


We like to take care of our crew by giving them the rocket fuel they need to blast into a productive week of work. That’s exactly why we invited in Ungrained Bakery and Felix Coffee to provide a weekly breakfast. The first thing people experience when they walk in the door on Monday morning is a beautiful display of fresh fruit, a tasty selection of healthy muffins and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. It sets the stage for people to make healthy food choices throughout the week, and know that the company they work for values their health. Working with Ungrained Bakery and Felix Coffee adds to the type of culture we’re crafting.
— Shannon Walker, Chief People Office at Astronomer, Inc.

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