DIY Chemical Free Cleaning

My mom always made our cleaners growing up in an effort to keep as many chemicals out of the house as possible (we even had DIY laundry detergent for a while!). When I moved out on my own, I fell into the habit of purchasing cleaners from the store. However, over the past year and a half, I’ve gotten back to "dumping the chemicals" and cleaning my home naturally, and I have to say, what a DIFFERENCE it has made! I generally feel better, the air feels cleaner, and I’m never worried about what I spray around the kitchen. There’s just a freshness that comes from using natural cleaning methods that can’t be beat! The best part? They are just as effective as any store bought cleaner, and so much cheaper to make! It’s safe to say, I’ve become a little obsessed (thanks, mom). I have so many favorites, but I’ll share my go-to “Day to Day” cleaners in this post: All Purpose Spray, Allergen and Window Screen Cleaner, and Garbage Disposal Cubes.



All Purpose Spray

This spray is so versatile and could not be simpler to make! It’s great for kitchen counters, windows and mirrors, the bathroom, and anywhere else you would use a disinfectant. It’s also a great replacement for Lysol during cold and flu season!


  • A spray bottle

  • White Vinegar

  • Water

  • Rubbing Alcohol

  • Essential Oils of your choice


  1. Add equal parts rubbing alcohol, vinegar, and water to your spray bottle.

  2. Add 40 drops of the essential oil of your choice (I love Tea Trea and Lemon for their added disinfecting properties).

  3. Shake it up and you are ready to get your spring clean on!


Allergen and Window Screen Cleaner

I love opening the windows in the warmer months, but the amount of dirt and pollen that can come blowing in is astounding. This spray takes seconds to make and is the most magical (yes...magical) little concoction...ever. In addition to breaking down the dirt and mold on your window screens, it helps to catch pollen and other allergens. Plus it makes your home smell ah-mazing.


  • Two spray bottles

  • Water

  • Baking Soda

  • Essential Oils of your choice


  1. Fill your first spray bottle with 2 cups of water and 2 tsp of baking soda.

  2. Fill your second spray bottle with water and your choice of essential oils (I prefer the antimicrobial oils such as clove, lavender, or cinnamon).

  3. To clean your screens, spray the water and baking soda mixture directly onto your window screen. Let it sit while you continue on to your other screens. Follow with the water and essential oils mixture. Keep your windows open to enjoy the fresh air!


Garbage Disposal Cubes

Garbage disposals are awesome...and disgusting. That’s where these little cubes come in handy, keeping my garbage disposal clean and smelling of citrus!

  • One lemon

  • One lime

  • White Vinegar

  • Ice cube tray or silicon mold


  1. Cut your lemon and lime into small pieces (about an inch or so). I remove the rind before I do this because my garbage disposal is not that strong, but it’s entirely up to you.

  2. Drop of few pieces of citrus into each cube of your ice cube tray or mold then continue to fill each one with vinegar.

  3. Place them in the freezer and let them completely freeze before use.

  4. To use, simply pop one or two into your disposal. Turn on your disposal with water running until the cubes are ground and down the drain. Keep the cubes stored in your freezer until us

Taylor Nieman