Why Cupcakes Aren't Cheating in 2017 (Pt. 3)

The third and final post of Why Cupcakes Aren’t Cheating in 2017 is here and because the first week back to work in the new year is busy, this one is short and sweet.  If you’ve got some extra time this evening and are wondering why grain free is better or why I make cupcakes without refined sugar, give those links a click and get to know UnGrained and what makes it so special!  And feel free to like us on Facebook (Pst...we already like you!).


If you’ve been breathing for the last couple years, then you are very aware of the various diets that have taken America by storm; everything from vegan to paleo to the Whole30 diet.  As I was developing the recipes for UnGrained, I did so with the desire to keep things simple.  I didn’t want cupcakes loaded with funky gums or chia seed eggs and I didn’t want beet-flavored red icings or crumbling coconut confections.  I simply wanted a whole food.  It didn’t need to be fancy or have all the bells and whistles, it just needed to be healthful and taste amazing.  And so UnGrained’s signature grain-free cake flour blend was born (or rather developed over numerous late nights that ended mostly in disaster until I got it right) along with the perfect mix of whole ingredients to make the fluffiest and most flavorful cakes and cupcakes.                 


That said, there are a few diets that UnGrained is in line with.  UnGrained cakes are…


  • Gluten Free
  • Grain Free
  • Paleo
  • Refined Sugar Free


They are not…


  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian (eggs are used)
  • Whole30
  • Atkins


UnGrained cakes can easily be made…


  • Dairy Free

So now you understand why UnGrained cupcakes aren’t cheating in 2017 and why I’m proud to offer you the recipes I do today.  May you have a healthful and happy 2017.  I look forward to growing with you this year.  We deserve it.


Taylor Nieman