Baking and Raising Health

A grainless refined-sugar-free bakery that strives to offer industry standard cakes may seem like a strange concept for a twenty-something year old to latch onto.  Really, the journey began as a selfish one.  I didn’t have a debilitating disease.  I didn’t struggle with an allergy.  I just wanted to eat a cupcake without feeling like crap.  Oh, and I wanted to do so without beating my tastebuds into the ground, because I’ll be honest, some of those alternative desserts out there kill the very soul of my midnight snacking indulgence.  So, how exactly did UnGrained reach the concept it currently is today?


UnGrained was born from my two conflicting passions: a love for baking sugar-laden cakes paired with a devotion to a healthier lifestyle.  UnGrained was further influenced by the belief that health isn’t a one way relationship between quinoa salads and exercise, it’s recognizing food as a form of expression and learning to look at your plate without feelings of guilt.  It’s about celebrating with loved ones and birthdays.  It’s about complete physical and emotional health without feeling you are sacrificing life’s little joys.


The effort to bridge the gap between indulgence and health is everywhere.  I tried clean-eating donuts that left me unsatisfied and mouthfuls of mealy cakes with gooey frostings that made me wish I had just eaten the “real deal.”  Those were the moments when I realized that I wanted to create alternative desserts that felt just as decadent, beautiful, and satisfying as any other on the market (specifically cake...because cake).  There you have it; the birthplace of UnGrained.


I became tied to my kitchen, researching the science of baking and testing just about every grain-free flour under the sun.  And finally, after countless late nights (taking a break here and there to wish the worst on every beaming blonde YouTube baker that used the phrase “it’s a cinch”), there it was; the cupcake I had always wanted.


UnGrained cake is springy and light and fluffy and dare I use the word...moist (sorry).  Our frosting is just as rich as any buttercream and our flavor offerings are everything you could hope to find.  Finally, a bakery that offers indulgence without sacrifice.  Don’t scimp yourself with a less-than-amazing dessert and go UnGrained.  Seriously.  You deserve it.


Taylor Nieman