Our Ingredients (aka What Am I Eating?)

At Ungrained, we think you have a right to know what exactly it is you're munching on, so here is a comprehensive list of all our ingredients.  You will notice that this post isn't very long.  That's because, really, we don't have a lot of explaining to do...and that's just the way it should be.


Paleo Eats

1. Almond Flour - Chock-full of heart-healthy fats and protein, get in my belly. 

2. Arrowroot Flour - A starchy root that looks kind of like an alien potato, except it comes straight from the Earth.

3. Potato Starch - It is exactly what the name suggests; the starchy parts of the potato.

4. Maple Syrup - The real stuff, not that high-fructose corn syrup crap.

5. Honey - We use local because Ohio is the bees knees.

6. Eggs - Local and pasture-raised, because we like the taste of freedom. 

7. Vanilla and Extracts - Pure vanilla with grain-free alcohols because we are serious of that grain-free life.  Any other flavorings are actual extracts as opposed to "natural flavorings" or "FDA approved flavors"...whatever that is supposed to mean. 

8. Baking Powder - Once again, grain-free.  Seriously, it's a matter of honor. 

9. Palm Shortening - AKA coconut derived shortening that has not been hydrogenated or sourced from genetically ruined...er..."modified" crops.  Ours is sustainably sourced. 

10. Sea Salt - Stronger taste equals less used equals less sodium.  Your doctor called.  He says that's cool.  So go ahead and have two cupcakes. 


Vegan/GF Eats 

1. Almond Flour- Plain and simple. 

2. Arrowroot Flour - The alien potato.

3. Potato Starch - We already went over this.

4. EnerG Egg Replacer - A blend of potato starch, tapioca flour, and leavening agents. Magic.

5. "Butters" - Vegan butter or palm shortening, depending on the recipe.

6. Pure Maple Syrup - Again...the good stuff.

7. Gluten Free Baking Powder - Self-explanatory.

8. Milks - Coconut milk, almond milk, cashew milk...all of the milks...except the ones that baby animals drink. 

9. Organic Canola Oil - The absolute best we can find. 

10. Sea Salt - Like...from the sea. 

11. Gluten free vanilla and extracts - Pure and simple. 

12. Powdered Cane Sugar - We use this in our vegan buttercream.


That's it.  Really.  So go ahead and raise a cookie (or two) to the desserts your body deserves.

Taylor Nieman